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3 new flavours… and we’re now stocked in Morrisons 🎉

We have been wanting to share both of these very exciting pieces of news for sooooooo long! And now we can! We have been hard at work developing three brand new flavours of our amazing sauces and we are pleased to announce they are:

  • Thai Green Curry
  • Mild Korma
  • Tikka Masala

All three new sauces, just like our original three flavours, are certified Low FODMAP, Gluten Free and Vegan! Yes, you heard it right… Vegan Thai Green Curry! We have already had lots of excellent feedback on these flavours and we have tweaked our original ones to ensure the whole range is the best quality and flavour! Low FODMAP definitely doesn’t have to be bland and boring!!

We had Bay’s Thai Green Curry last night for the second time in as many weeks. It is so tasty and really authentic. We can’t get enough of this one 😋

Linda Collinet, FODMarket

I’ve hardly been at home & all the adrenaline has meant a ‘proper dinner’ has been last on my list 🙈
So having the @bayskitchenuk sauces I bought last week have been a godsend! I tried the chicken korma to make this fodmap chicken & aubergine curry

One word, delish 😋


Look what I found in Morrison’s @bayskitchenuk! 👀 I’ve been wanting to try these gluten free and low fodmap cooking sauces for ages so I’m so glad my local store now stocks them 🙌
Despite sticking to a strict gluten free diet I still get tummy issues which has been put down to a bit of IBS. As such I loosely follow the low fodmap diet, particularly trying to avoid things like onions and mushrooms which seem to set me off 😩 This has meant things like curry have been a bit of a no go for me recently so I’m buzzing to try these 😄


We have also managed to become stocked in 136 Morrisons stores around the country! You can see all our other stockists, and locate your nearest Morrisons store stocking our products by clicking here.

As always, we are hard at work trying to launch in new stockists so Bay’s Kitchen can be even more local and accessible to you, as well as developing our product range to ensure we can help you all follow the Low FODMAP Diet more easily and not have to compromise on flavour!

So, look out for our new products coming in early 2020!

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