IBS Awareness Month News

“In the news” April 2018

To end IBS Awareness Month, here we bring you the latest news which has caught our attention during the month. Articles are about the Low FODMAP Diet, IBS, other gastrointestinal issues, research and product news! Happy reading!

Bay’s Kitchen launched!

We know it’s about us… but it’s not every day your business launches!!

The idea for Bay’s Kitchen came about 2 years ago. For us it feels like a very long time in the making… but as they say “Good things come to those who wait!” After huge amounts of learning, product development, testing, branding, marketing and more, on 23rd April, our first range of 3 stir-in sauces were launched!

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Emma Hatcher “How a low fodmap diet can help manage IBS”

One of our favourite Low FODMAP bloggers, Emma Hatcher from ‘She can’t eat what?’, has made it into the press again! It’s a great article on the Low FODMAP diet and it’s so great to see the National press covering the Low FODMAP diet once again!

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Is the low fodmap diet becoming the latest fad in healthy eating?

No! It’s not a fad diet and should only be followed with recommendation and help form medical professionals/trained dieticians! This article from the Metro explains that the diet isn’t the latest fad diet and isn’t a diet for weight loss.

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10 Bad Habits…

…to Blame For Your Bloating, Heartburn and Poor Digestion! Whether you suffer with digestive conditions like IBS or not, staying away from these bad habits will help everyone digest their food better and be less bloated!

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How to eat out on the Low FODMAP Diet

Eating out is still one of the most difficult tasks when trying to follow the Low FODMAP Diet… particularly during elimination stage. Whilst nearly every restaurant has at least a couple of gluten-free options, or better still a whole gluten-free menu, and some are catching up offering vegan options… Low FODMAP options still seem a long way off. So this article looks at ways you can make it easier when going out.

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We hope as always that you have enjoyed reading our news update. If you have seen anything in the news which you think we should share, please email hello@bayskitchen.co.uk.

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