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Each month we will bring you the latest news which has caught our attention, regarding the Low FODMAP Diet, IBS and other gastrointestinal issues.

14 Yoga Poses For Relieving Constipation

Yoga is a great form of exercise for anyone, but particularly those of us with IBS as it’s a less intense form of exercise and so easier on the gut and body than something like running.

This article looks at the 14 best yoga poses for relieving constipation… I will definitely be giving these a go at home this week!

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Make Sure You Read This Before Trying The FODMAP Diet

This is a really good article on things to do before and during the Low FODMAP Diet… our one piece of advise however, which we can’t stress strongly enough, is to consult a dietician! The Low FODMAP Diet is very restrictive and can be difficult to follow, so your best chances of success and to ensure you are getting the right vitamins and nutrients and a healthy diet is by consulting a dietician.

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Personal trainer Alyce Crawford, reveals how she handles IBS flare-ups at Christmas

It’s great to see more bloggers, personal trainers and others talk more about their IBS, share pictures when they are having a flare-up and they don’t look ‘perfect’, as it’s really breaking the taboo of taking about gut health!

In this article, personal trainer Alyce Crawford, 28, reveals how she handles flare ups from her irritable bowel at Christmas – and discussed the foods you should add to your diet now to improve your health!

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How to manage your IBS during the end-of-year festivities

This article gives some hints and tips on how to navigate the festive period whilst following the Low FODMAP Diet… it won’t be easy but these tips will help you stay on track more easily, when your life suddenly becomes full of Christmas parties, excess food, shopping stress and more!

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