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“In the news” January 2019

Each month we will bring you the latest news which has caught our attention, regarding the Low FODMAP Diet, IBS and other gastrointestinal issues.

Bay’s Kitchen sauces are now gluten free certified!!

Top of our news this month is actually all about us…!!! We have now certified our sauces as Gluten Free! So whether you’re following a Low FODMAP Diet, Vegan diet, Gluten Free diet, or all 3, our products are suitable for you!

Our sauces are available to purchase on our web shop and they are available on Ocado too!

Bay’s Kitchen are launching new products!

We are always working on new products and flavours, but we are excited to say we have some which will be ready for you soon! We have been working on new curry flavours as well as some other relish’s, condiments and more.

Keep an eye on our shop for new products coming soon…

If you have ideas of products you’d like to see in the Bay’s Kitchen range please email us

Why bad gut health might be the root of all your problems

“A poorly functioning gut can lead to the development of many chronic health problems and the general feeling of discomfort that can lead to reducing the quality of your life” Pennie Taylor, senior researcher dietitian at the CSIRO’s Health and Biosecurity and co-author of The CSIRO Healthy Gut Diet tells Vogue.

Read full article

Why garlic is so bad for IBS and diarrhoea symptoms

The main reason garlic is so tricky for some IBS sufferers is that it contains fructans; a polymer of fructose that is also found in foods such as onions, leeks and wheat. Fructans come under the FODMAP umbrella (more on that in a moment) and can be digestively troublesome for individuals with IBS.

Read article to find out more about the Low FODMAP Diet and great alternatives to garlic!

Arla certify their lacto-free milk as FODMAP Friendly

We’re all always on the look for new Low FODMAP products and this month we saw Arla have certified their Lacto Free milk as Low FODMAP by FODMAP Friendly in Australia!

We hope as always that you have enjoyed reading our news update. If you have seen anything in the news which you think we should share, please email

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