March IBS News

“In the news” March 2018

Each month we will bring you the latest news which has caught our attention, regarding the Low FODMAP Diet, IBS and other gastrointestinal issues.

Bay’s Kitchen Launches in April!

Top of our news this month is actually all about us… Bay’s Kitchen. We have been developing the business idea, brand and products for the past 18 months, and with a fair few set backs along the way we are now nearly ready to launch! Our sauces are available to pre-order on our website – and the sauces will officially launch on 23rd April 2018!

Schär secures Low FODMAP certification!

Very exciting news for all UK fodmappers!!

Gluten-free brand Schär has claimed to be the first brand to supply a range of ‘low-fodmap’ certified bakery products to UK supermarkets. 

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Vitamin D

Do you suffer from IBS? Scientists from the University of Sheffield have carried out a study and believe it could be due to a deficiency in Vitamin D. For those of us who live in the UK, it’s really worth getting this checked… due to our weather you may well need vitamin D supplements, particularly in the months from October to March!

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The Gut Health Doctor – Megan Rossi

Dr Rangan Chatterjee meets The Gut Health Doctor – Megan Rossi, dietician and researcher at Kings College London, to discuss IBS, SIBO, the role of pre and pro-biotics and simple steps to improve the health of your gut.

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IBS Network conference on 14th April

Throughout April (which is IBS Awareness Month), The IBS Network national charity is running several initiatives to help overcome the stigma surrounding Irritable Bowel Syndrome, talk openly about the chronic condition and help thousands of sufferers as part of IBS Awareness Month.

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