Low FODMAP Food & Symptom Diary


This diary is a great way to track your food intake and symptoms whilst following the Low FODMAP Diet.

Take a look at this review of the diary by gluten free blogger and low FODMAP & dairy free recipe creator, Becky Excell!

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A handy A5 Food & Symptom Diary with 4 months of pages to record and track your food intake as well as your symptoms, with quick reference side bars to log how you felt that day – making it easy to look back and find patterns between your symptoms and food in your diet. Also includes diary tables for the re-introduction stage of the Low FODMAP Diet and a useful reference table of safe levels of foods.

Tried and tested…

“The diary has been brilliant! Plus it helps that it’s pretty! I’ll certainly buy the sweet and sour again. It was delicious!”

“You can easily keep track of whether you’re in the elimination, reintroduction or continuation phase of the diet by simply ticking a box. That way, when you look back on it, everything is all in perfect order.

But most importantly, it has a section for noting down how you felt that day and how your bowel behaved (or didn’t in most cases!)

You can even record your mood on the smiley face scale at the side of each page. The attention to detail really is awesome. If there’s anything irritating or aggravating your gut, trust me, this food diary won’t miss it.”
Extract from a review by gluten free blogger and low FODMAP & dairy free recipe creator, Becky Excell. Read the full review here.