Low FODMAP Starter Pack


This is our Bay’s Kitchen first Low FODMAP Starter Pack! This pack will help you to get started on the Low FODMAP Diet and gives you the chance to test out all three of our sauces!

The pack contains one of our Food & Symptom Diaries, to help you to identify your individual triggers. It also has a handy section for the reintroduction stage of the diet. The pack also contains one Tomato & Basil, one Jalfrezi Curry and one Sweet & Sour Stir-in Sauce.

Our sauces are all Low FODMAP certified, Gluten-Free certified and Vegan approved! We also won Gold and Silver at the 2019 Free From Food Awards, so you can be sure they taste as amazing as we say!

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Each jar is 260g and serves 2.
Low FODMAP certified for half jar (130g).
Certified by FODMAP Friendly.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Low FODMAP & Gluten Free certified.
No onion, no garlic and no other high FODMAP ingredients.